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Hello CCA & NC/SC Clubs and Organizations,

Is your organization going to be hosting an event this year? USA Cycling offers many online tools designed to improve your event experience.

Event Permitting
As you begin event planning, remember that online permitting offers the following benefits to race directors and clubs.

  • Saves money by avoiding the $50 paper processing fee.
  • Saves time by getting the application into the review and approval process immediately after submitting payment.
  • Publishes the event to the USA Cycling calendar sooner.

The online permit application can be found under the “Tools” tab of any club contact, event organizer, or race director’s account. Be sure to check out Permitting benefits and fees and flyer requirements before getting started.

To ensure that your event is properly sanctioned, all permits need to be submitted online eight weeks prior to the event. If the permit is not submitted prior to eight weeks, the system will charge the late fees with your permit application. For more information check the 2021 Schedule of Fees.

Please note that USA Cycling will not accept permit applications if within 72 hours of the start of the event.

Online Registration
Using USA Cycling’s online event registration system, you are able to delay payment of USA Cycling permit fees; permit fees and insurance surcharges will be deducted from rider registration fees.

  • Riders are able to register for multiple events in one transaction.
  • Riders have real-time validation of license status and rider categories.
  • Riders can purchase their one-day license if required.
  • Riders over the age of 18 (19 in Alabama) can sign the event release form electronically to eliminate on-site paperwork.

Did you know that race directors have the opportunity to earn revenue by using USA Cycling’s online registration system? All 2014 USA Cycling permitted events that use our online event registration could be eligible for rebate of $.40 for each online registration net transaction! Additionally, clubs can qualify for a year-end rebate based on the number of transactions in events organized by the club using the USA Cycling online registration system. Level B certified race directors will be eligible for an additional $0.10/transaction as part of the year-end rebate. This is based on the tiers below:

Gold Level           1,000+ transactions                         $0.30/transaction
Silver                     750 - 999 transactions                    $0.20/transaction
Bronze                  250 - 749 transactions                    $0.10/transaction

For qualification details about our rebate program, please visit our Online Registration FAQs.

During setup, you will have the ability to customize registration pages; view customizable reports for your event; sell additional items such as t-shirts, water bottles, tickets to event dinners, and more.

Your event funds can be requested by check once a week or by ACH twice a week. If you wish to have funds received through ACH (direct deposit), please fill out the request form and fax it to 719-434-3687. The request will take 7-10 business days to process.

Results and Rankings
When your event is complete, remember to submit the results to USA Cycling. Our rankings system allows you to search results from races across the country and compare the nation’s top riders across various disciplines, age, and ability categories. The results submission guide can be found here and the “submit results” link can be found under the “Tools” tab of the race director’s account.

Available Resources and Contacts
USA Cycling has 34 Local Associations (LA), primarily focused on road, track, and cyclo-cross racing which are responsible for a state or geographically defined area. The LAs assist USA Cycling by developing and maintaining a calendar of events, upgrading riders, assigning officials, evaluating permit applications and post-events, and keeping in close contact with the USA Cycling Regional Coordinator and Membership Services Coordinator. To support the LA and help promote grassroots programming, USA Cycling returns a percentage of license sales within that LA’s state or area, and the LA determines how those funds are used to support local racing. For more information on the LA program, please visit the Local Association page.

If your state does not have an LA, you will be working with USA Cycling Membership Services staff on those items such as upgrading riders, assigning officials and evaluating permits and post-event paperwork.  Your Member Services Coordinator will also be able to assist with these tasks.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

USA Cycling Membership Services
(719) 434-4200
Regional Coordinator: Stuart Lamp (

Member Services Coordinator: Luke Greener (

Local Association: Carolina Cycling Association
Local Association Contact:
Local Association Website:

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