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USA Cycling is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participants’ physical, emotional, and social development and to ensuring it promotes an environment free from misconduct and abuse. To achieve this, USA Cycling’s SafeSport Program went into effect in January 2014. Today, the Program consists of three core components: (1) Education, (2) Policies (including Criminal Background Checks), and (3) Response and Resolution.  In 2017, the U.S. Center for SafeSport (“The Center”) was launched and it has exclusive jurisdiction over sexual misconduct matters and may exercise discretionary jurisdiction over other misconduct.  The Center also promulgates rules and policies around training requirements and misconduct.  USA Cycling works closely with The Center to educate our membership, create policies that protect our members from misconduct and abuse and respond to and resolve allegations of misconduct when they arise.

1.  Education 

Education is a key component of any abuse and misconduct prevention strategy. USA Cycling encourages all members to complete The Center’s “SafeSport Trained” education and training program.  USA Cycling requires members who have been authorized, appointed or approved to have regular contact with or authority over athletes to take SafeSport Trained.  In addition, pursuant to The Center’s Education and Training Policy, USA Cycling requires adults at our Local Associations and with our Clubs who have regular contact with or authority over minor athletes to take SafeSport Trained.  Those individuals required to complete SafeSport Trained must take the Core Training (“SafeSport Trained”) once followed by the Refresher Training every year thereafter. USA Cycling also provides regular communications regarding available SafeSport education opportunities to its members.  

2. Policies

Following The Center’s launch in 2017, USA Cycling amended its SafeSport Program policies. The necessary changes have been made and The Center continues to release updated policy standards, which USA Cycling complies with.  The SafeSport Program is currently made up of the following policies: 

3. Response and Resolution

USA Cycling encourages everyone to report suspected misconduct, while some members are explicitly required to report misconduct. Multiple avenues for reporting suspected SafeSport violations are available, including anonymous and confidential options. Policy III – Grievances outlines the process that is followed when a SafeSport allegation within USA Cycling’s jurisdiction is received by USA Cycling. 

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The SafeSport Trained course is geared toward coaches, athletes, team volunteers, officials or team staff members (athletic trainer, team doctor, etc.). Adults who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors are required to take the training. 


Designed for the parents of athletes of all ages, this course explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience. 



The preschool course includes a fun cheer; emphasizes that sports should be an inclusive environment that prioritizes safety, respect, and fun over winning; and encourages starting an open conversation with children at an early age. This course will take approximately ten (10) minutes to complete.


The Grades K-2 course includes an animated video and game that focuses on having a positive attitude, keeping sport fun, and speaking up when something doesn’t feel right. The course concludes with resources for reporting abuse or misconduct. This course will take approximately ten (10) minutes to complete.


The Grades 3-5 course provides an interactive game to identify and speak up when behavior crosses the line, recognize the difference between discipline and abuse, stresses the importance of being a good teammate, and have a healthy sports environment focused on fun and safety. The course concludes with resources for reporting abuse or misconduct. This course will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete.


The middle school course focuses on bullying prevention, safe online behavior, responding to red flags and resources for reporting abuse or misconduct. This course will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete.


The high school course focuses on bullying and hazing prevention, supporting friends who have experienced abuse or inappropriate conduct, and resources for reporting abuse or misconduct. This course will take approximately twenty (20) minutes to complete.

As always more complete information can be found on the Official USA Cycling Website

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