Revised Member Upgrade Policies

Revised Member Upgrade Policies

Dear LAs,

As you have been made aware, USA Cycling has been revising the upgrade system for member categories. We are taking these steps for two main reasons:

1. Our existing policy is confusing, cumbersome, and resulted in a poor experience for our members.

2. The new membership product to be released the first week of February has features we hope will encourage riders to try out racing at a lower price points in a category that makes more sense for them.

Attached you will find the internal document that we will be adding to the website early next week. Note that we will retain the graphical format for the different disciplines, but that the general guidelines will be presented in a more web friendly format. I would ask that you only share this document internally for use until published.

Some of the main topics I would like to point out are:

Novice Categories: As many of you know, we will begin renaming the lowest category in each discipline as “Novice” rather than a number category. After vetting several labels with the community, we felt this best portrays what the category stands for and where someone should start. This category will also have racing opportunities at a lower price point – more to come on that with our new membership model release – as well as a much simpler path to the next highest category. See the included basic FAQ on the Novice category at the end of the document for more info. A more robust version of this document will go out to our organizer community shortly.

Clearer Criteria: At the continued request of our membership, we have worked to provide a clearer path to how points are attained. Using the past policy as a model, our members will now be able to simply look at how they did in a race, how many people they raced with, and figure their points.

Upgrade Processing: Beginning upon publication of the new criteria, all Novice upgrades will be routed through USA Cycling staff in Colorado Springs. All upgrades below Cat. 1 will continue to be routed through the LAs until March 1, when they will begin being processed by USA Cycling. Our hope is that the simplified format will make the process easier for the LA upgrade coordinator in the interim.

As with our old policy, we are sure to find tweaks and changes we need to make over the coming season. I look forward to receiving more suggestions from the community, keeping in mind the needs and desires of our member customers. Likewise the move to the Novice category, which will be “rolling” in nature, provides opportunities for our sport to provide a more welcoming environment for new riders.

CHUCK HODGE | Chief of Racing and Events
USA Cycling
O: 719.434.4264 | M: 719.229.0732 | E:
210 USA Cycling Point | Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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If you have any suggestions, please let Robert know. Try to be resonably specific if you can as it helps in the long run. Remember to update your links for the CCA Offcial website to We have setup web forwarding from our old site address.

We are constantly looking to make improvements to this website, from how we manage information dislay to maintenance. Now that the CCA Annual meeting is complete and the base calendar set, we are building the events calendar with many new features. We have all events from that list added. Some of the event info is basic until either the promoter provides it to me (Robert) or I pull it from the USA Cycling website once you start the permit process there. We do ask that you information always include the name and date(s) of your event. For the maps integration, we ask that you include an accurate address to the staging site or parking area for your event(s). Also new, is the ability for us to add some details to your event listing. This should be in plain text format and be reasonable length (i.e. not all the info from your flyer) but maybe some good info that is not on your flyer.


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