Permitting Guidelines in the Rulebook

As we started the process of cleaning up the rule book in 2013, one change we made was the removal of the permitting guidelines and policies without republishing them anywhere else. After several local associations and race directors asked us for clarification on some specific items, we made a decision that since these are not rules per se, but instead of policies that we would publish them online in the policies and guidelines section as Policy VI – Race Permits and Race Directors Responsibilities. The included link will take you directly to the policies. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, working with us on getting this updated, and for your patience.  As always, please let our membership staff know of any questions you may have.

Thanks for all you do for the sport of cycling!

Gordon Weldon
Vice President of Membership Services USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80919
719-434-4205, 719-434-4305 (fax)

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Updates and Info

If you have any suggestions, please let Robert know. Try to be resonably specific if you can as it helps in the long run. Remember to update your links for the CCA Offcial website to We have setup web forwarding from our old site address.

We are constantly looking to make improvements to this website, from how we manage information dislay to maintenance. Now that the CCA Annual meeting is complete and the base calendar set, we are building the events calendar with many new features. We have all events from that list added. Some of the event info is basic until either the promoter provides it to me (Robert) or I pull it from the USA Cycling website once you start the permit process there. We do ask that you information always include the name and date(s) of your event. For the maps integration, we ask that you include an accurate address to the staging site or parking area for your event(s). Also new, is the ability for us to add some details to your event listing. This should be in plain text format and be reasonable length (i.e. not all the info from your flyer) but maybe some good info that is not on your flyer.


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