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The events listed are known CCA events. Please contact the CCA President to reserve a date. The initial annual calendar is determined at the CCA annual meeting.

I would like to ask the following of everyone. If you find a mistake or any information that you see that needs to be corrected from a city location to a link or email, please email it to me "Robert" at and I will fix it. Please use a proper subject, the name and date(s) of your event(s) and what you would like corrected. Note that flyers are linked to the version you supplied to USA Cycling.  

Only email Judy if you are trying to get a non scheduled event listed on the calendar so she can approve the listing or not. I do not want her to be bothered with numerous emails about info that can I can change easily. Judy is doing enough already and would be better served to not have to sift thru numerous emails and then forward to me to do the updates.

For all events listed on the calendar we request the following information:

  1. Event name
  2. Event type (Competative, non-competative, training, gran-fondo, clinic, etc)
  3. Event location including complete address, city, state, and zip code. This used for the mapping feature.
  4. Event date(s) and relative start and end times for each day.
  5. Links to the registration site, event info website, and email address for event promoter or organizer (Should be the same information as is listed on the USA Cycling website).

*The flyer needs to show that the event is being held under USA Cycling Permit or that the USA Cycling permit is pending. We will post a link to the "official/final" event flyer that is listed on the USA Cycling website once it is available there.

Email all information as it becomes available to Robert our web administrator.

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