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Riders wishing for an upgrade in category must follow the following procedures:

Rider upgrades are handled electronically. You can request an upgrade online through your USA Cycling account. The request will be sent to the person responsible for your area and/or category. You will need to follow the instructions online and provide the information about your race experience and placings. The information you provide must include the race date, name, type of event, category, number of participants, and placing. If the administrator approves the upgrade, your account will be changed so that when you request a new license, the category will be changed. For road, track, and cyclo-cross category changes, Local Association representatives will also provide stickers for your license if you are not requesting a new one. Note that road, track, and cyclo-cross Category 1 upgrades require a license reissue.
  1. Only email the CCA Upgrade Coordinator if any questions before going to the USAC website to submit your request.
  2. All riders/racers must go to the USAC website to submit an upgrade request.  It will be routed to the CCA Upgrade Coordinator for review.
  3. To determine if you are eligible for an upgrade, fill out a blank resume form with qualifying races (see below).  You should also include your resume in the request you submit through the USAC website.  You may also e-mail your resume to the CCA Upgrade Coordinator to supplement your request on the USAC website.
  4. Upgrade requests to categories 4, 3, or 2 are routed to the CCA Upgrade Coordinator for review.
  5. Upgrade requests to category 1 are routed to the Southeast Regional Representative (Stuart Lamp) for review.

Special Note: Please do not request an upgrade for both Road and Track unless you meet the qualifications for both. Do not request an upgrade to Road 4 and Track 4 at the same time if you have never ridden on the Track - they are different disciplines.

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