Event Permitting

Once the preliminary work has been done, including permissions to use proposed courses, follow these steps for permit approval:

1. At least 10 weeks prior to event
Consult with the CCA Permit Coordinator on the schedule and first draft of the race flyer. The permit coordinator would like to encourage promoters to let them review their flyer & schedule before sending it to USA Cycling. This will likely alleviate problems and necessary changes after publishing.

(a) Some where on the flyer should indicate that it will be under USA Cycling permit or USA Cycling permit pending
(b) It would be better to state that 'USA Cycling rules will apply' rather than stating specific rules.  For instance, if it states that a specific helmet must be used, please make sure it says CPSC and not ANSI or Snell.
(c) Please review the start time and estimated finish times to avoid any finish sprints at the start of the next race.  This will be reviewed and sent back for correction.
(d) Remember, Cat 5's and youth can not receive any commercial prizes, only trophies, medals, or certificates of participation only.
(e) NC law requires all NC race organizers to obtain a NC DOT permit. Here is the link:

2. At least 8 weeks prior to eventPromoter first sends permit packet (with payment) to USA Cycling by mail or thru the online permit application process on the USA Cycling website, then USA Cycling will forward it to the CCA Permit Coordinator for approval. Then upon CCA approval USA Cycling issues the permit and allows the event flyer to be viewed online.
3. Once race flyer approved by CCA Permit Coordinator

Promoter will be informed that the Permit Coordinator has approved the race flyer and forwarded the permit packet to USAC. If the permit was submitted thru the USA Cycling website then the permit coordinator will make the necessary updates there.
* The flyer needs to show that the event is being held under USA Cycling Permit or that the USA Cycling permit is pending. We will post a link to the "official/final" event flyer that is listed on the USA Cycling website once it is available there. In some cases and by exception only, will we post an event flyer that is not yet approved or in a pending status and not available elsewhere (Usually only if the event is within a couple of weeks of the current date and or the permit was delayed for some reason). The event flyer must be approved by the CCA Permit Coordinator.

Other forms that may be helpful:

  • Non-owned/hired motorcycle application supplement
  • Non-owned/hired auto application supplement
  • USA Cycling Volunteer Release
  • USAC Event Release Form (You can fill in the form with your event information, print it out, and make copies for your event.)
  • Entry/Release & One-Day Form (Collegiate version)
  • Chief Referee Form (Collegiate version)
  • Post-Event Report & Payment Form (Collegiate version)


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