Race Director Certification

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Restructured Race Director Certification Program

From USA Cycling: At the end of 2013, several constituent groups met and had the chance to discuss the race director education program. From that feedback, the race director education program has been restructured to better fit the needs and interests of our members while helping to raise the quality and safety level of USA Cycling sanctioned events.

Race director license structure

Reminders for 2015 race directors

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From the USA Cycling Update:

With September halfway over and next year’s permitting time just around the corner, it’s time for a reminder about race director certification so you can prepare in time for permitting your 2015 events.

Some things you need to be aware of:

1) There are now two race director licenses

A stand-alone race director license for those wishing to permit without a registered club
-- When you purchase a race director license, you receive one free race director webinar
-- If you purchase a two year race director license, you receive two free race director webinars. 

A complimentary club race director license for those permitting with their c

Looking for article contributors

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We are looking for cycling enthusiasts who would like to contribute event based text and multi-media articles. This is purely a volunteer type of activity. We know that one person cannot be everywhere all the time, so we will be considering a few of you that want to help. Really try to get this going for the cyclo-cross season. Some specifics for article coverage and submission:

  • You are not only representing yourself but are a representative of the CCA. Professionalism is paramount.
  • Write with clear understandable language so that the public and novice riders can understand.
  • Be unbiased. Do not favor one club or organization over another.
  • Be objective. Opinions must be based on facts. If not sure then get clarification from an onsite official or specific person as necessary.
  • Be comfortable asking questions and doing interviews with riders, event promoters, officials, and spectators alike.
  • Photos and media require being original from you or authorized by the source with contribution credit(s) to be included from the source unless they want to remain anonymous.
  • No advertisements, links, unless they are to official USA Cycling or our own CCA organizations.
  • No promises to your sources or others that you cannot guarantee fulfilling yourself.
  • Read more

Officials of The Year 2013

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Normally, we wait until our annual officials’ meeting to announce the Official and Motoref of the Year awards. However, I didn’t want USAC to beat us to the punch, so here our winners for 2013:

Race Clean

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If you would like more information about the program, please click the image below. It will take you to the USA Cycling Race Clean program page.



Updates and Info

If you have any suggestions, please let Robert know. Try to be resonably specific if you can as it helps in the long run. Remember to update your links for the CCA Offcial website to We have setup web forwarding from our old site address.

We are constantly looking to make improvements to this website, from how we manage information dislay to maintenance. Now that the CCA Annual meeting is complete and the base calendar set, we are building the events calendar with many new features. We have all events from that list added. Some of the event info is basic until either the promoter provides it to me (Robert) or I pull it from the USA Cycling website once you start the permit process there. We do ask that you information always include the name and date(s) of your event. For the maps integration, we ask that you include an accurate address to the staging site or parking area for your event(s). Also new, is the ability for us to add some details to your event listing. This should be in plain text format and be reasonable length (i.e. not all the info from your flyer) but maybe some good info that is not on your flyer.


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